When are where are you most likely to have a car accident?

Car accidents happen, you probably know somebody who’s been in one, or you might have been in one yourself. By driving at the speed limit, being mindful of other drivers, and driving sensibly you can limit the potential chance of being involved in a car accident. However, by knowing the times, areas and likely hotspots about where car accidents are most likely to occur, you can hopefully limit the chance of being involved in a car accident even further.

The UK Department of Transport release an annual report on road accidents and safety statistics. From these reports we are able to analyse the data and see where the UK’s car accident hotspots are.

Country Roads

First on the list is country roads. One study found that 60% of fatalities occur on country roads. Often drivers are oblivious to the risks of driving on country roads, yet they carry many dangers due to hidden bends, twists and turns and blind spots:

  • 3 people die each day on average on rural roads
  • the number of people killed on country roads is nearly 11 times higher than on motorways
  • a quarter of drivers have had a near miss and 1 driver in 20 has had a collision on a country road

In comparison to motorways, fatalities on motorways account for less than 10 per cent of reported road deaths. Between 2009 and 2013 motorways carried around 20 per cent of GB traffic, but accounted for just 6 per cent of road deaths. Mile per mile, the risk of death on motorways was around 5 times lower than the equivalent figure for rural roads and 3 times lower than for urban roads.


So, if your commute to work or daily drive includes country roads, make sure you’re alert, aware and careful when travelling.



Next on the list are the most dangerous times to drive.  In general, the highest rate of road fatalities per mile travelled is overnight, between around 9 to 12 pm and 4 am (or even later in the morning over the weekend).

In particular the highest risk hours are between midnight of Friday night / Saturday morning through to 6 am Saturday, and the equivalent for Saturday night / Sunday morning, with up to 10 times the expected number of fatalities occurring.

The government’s report has said that the very high rate is likely to be as a result of a combination of factors including, but not limited to, tiredness, poor visibility, clear roads which would allow speeding, and possibly driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

So, if you absolutely have to drive at these times, make sure you’re vigilant of other drivers.



Next, we will look at the top 10 safest areas to drive, as well as the top 10 places you’ll most likely have an accident. The South of the UK accounted for a majority of accidents, with West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire revealed as the most dangerous areas in the North of England.

Witter Towbar Systems have put together the lists below:


Top 10 Safest Areas to Drive

1.    Dumfries & Galloway

2.    City of London

3.    Argyll & West Dunbartonshire

4.    Fife

5.    Renfrewshire & Inverclyde

6.    Forth Valley

7.    Highlands & Islands

8.    Ayrshire

9.    Tayside

10.    Aberdeenshire & Moray


Top 10 Places You’ll Most Likely Have a Car Accident:

1. West Midlands

2. Thames Valley

3. West Yorkshire

4. Kent

5. Hampshire

6. Greater Manchester

7. Devon & Cornwall

8. Lancashire

9. Sussex

10. Surrey


Speed Limits

Statistics have shown that the speed limit of the area you’re driving also has an impact on the chance of having a car accident.

Surprisingly, driving at a higher speed doesn’t mean that you’re more likely to have a car accident, statistics show that  areas under the 30mph speed limit were responsible for some 57 per cent of accidents in the UK.

This increased level of risk in 30mph zones can be due to a number of increased hazards such as pedestrians and traffic lights. Meanwhile, car accidents happening at 70 mph accounted for just 7% of accidents.

Overall, no matter where you drive, how fast you drive or what time, there will always be a risk of a car accident, however, by taking into account the above factors combined with driving sensibly, remaining alert when driving and sticking to the speed limit, you will hopefully reduce your risk of a car accident.


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