Clients and the media are now reporting that they are unable to get back control of their houses, cash or other trust assets, as they are unable to contact the company that created their trust. Their situation highlights the huge concerns about the unregulated industry of inheritance planning, with some firms claiming they could protect the client’s assets from care home fees.

When a trust owns the assets,  these firms have claimed it may make it more likely that an individual will qualify for local authority help with care fees. However, the trustee of these Universal Wealth Preservation Trusts appears to have been the will writer who created them, and they have now gone out of business leaving their clients stranded and without access to their assets.

Do you have a Universal Wealth Preservation Trust? We have extensive experience dealing with these types of trusts and are advising clients on the best way forward.

If you know anyone else who has been affected by this matter, please feel free to pass this information on to them.

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