Our team of specialist medical negligence and personal injury lawyers, led by Partner Ian Horner, has in-depth expertise in complex negligence claims and has successfully obtained compensation in numerous cases. We ensure that our clients are compensated for their physical and mental suffering and for any financial implications which arise because of the negligence of a third party.

Our specialist lawyers, who are based in BRR Law’s offices in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire understand how stressful pursuing a claim can be. We’ve been very successful in bringing about a positive outcome, whenever we’ve been able to demonstrate another party was to blame.

Perhaps you’ve suffered from medical negligence, such as cosmetic surgery, a GP’s misdiagnosis, or you’re concerned with the treatment of someone you know who is in a care/nursing home.

Alternatively, you may have experienced a personal injury, for example an accident at work, a slip in a public place or the consequences of a faulty product?

Whatever type of negligence you might have encountered, we can represent you. If you would like to explore making a claim, we can help to clarify the options that are available.

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