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The death of a relative is a difficult time, particularly if you are responsible for administering their estate. At BRR Law our experienced team can assist with all elements all estate administration from simply obtaining a Grant of Representation to dealing with the whole administration of the estate.

What’s The Legal Process When Someone Dies?

When someone passes away their assets are first used to pay off any debts, then distributed, either in accordance with the terms of their will, or in the absence of a Will, according to a set of laws known as the Laws of Intestacy. In order to deal with the estate a court order may need to be obtained. If there is a Will, it is known as a Grant of Probate and if there is no Will, it is known as a Grant of Letters of Administration. Depending on the Estate this can potentially be a complicated process and involves submitting an inheritance tax return to HMRC. Our specialist team can help you with every stage of this process.

Who Deals With The Estate?

If there is a Will, the estate is dealt with by the person or people appointed in the Will – they are known as executors and they have the authority to act straight away. If there isn’t a Will then the estate is usually dealt with by the next of kin – they are known as administrators. An administrator may need to obtain a Grant of Representation (see above) before they have authority to act in an estate.

Clients often ask if they can appoint a solicitor in the firm as their executor. The answer to this is “yes”. You can appointment the partners of BRR Law as your executors. We will deal with the administration of your estate and make sure your wishes are carried out.

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