We would recommend you seek expert legal advice before entering into any leasehold agreements.

Leasehold is a specialist area of property law and leases vary from one property to another, so it’s important that you understand all of your legal rights when buying a leasehold property.

For example, it’s important to check how long the lease has left to run, but you should also find out if you’re entitled to make any improvements to the property and who is responsible for any ongoing maintenance costs.

At BRR Law, we advise on all the legal aspects of leasehold property law – whether you are planning to buy, or sell a leasehold.

It may be that you’re experiencing difficulties with a leasehold property that you currently own – we can advise you on your legal rights in this respect and guide you on the best solution to take.

Leasehold Conveyancing Agreements

If you’re looking for advice about leasehold properties, BRR Law, based in Laneham Street, in Scunthorpe has a team of specialist property lawyers that can provide expert legal advice on leasehold properties. Leasehold is a particular type of property ownership that comes with its own unique legal rights and responsibilities. Many flats in the UK are sold on a leasehold basis, but leasehold can apply to other properties too.

Customer service is our utmost priority, so rest assured we’ll explain the process in plain English, without legal jargon.

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