Slips and Trips Claims

If you’ve suffered an injury that was someone else’s fault, then you may be entitled to compensation.

Public places slips and trips solicitors

No matter how careful you are when out and about, accidents can happen and slips and trips are common. but may not always be your fault. If you have slipped or tripped because someone failed in their duty to keep you safe, you may be able to claim compensation. BRR Law’s dedicated Personal Injury Department is based in Laneham Street, Scunthorpe, and can help you to resolve matters.



Slips, trips and falls can happen just about anywhere – from a footpath or supermarket car park to a shop, restaurant, or even a private home. Wherever the accident occurred, if the owners of the premises are to blame, you could have a valid claim.

By claiming compensation, you could receive the support you need to aid your recovery and help you get back on track. You may reduce the risk of someone else experiencing the same thing too.

BRR Law’s specialist expert solicitors have a wealth of experience of dealing with slips and trips cases and have successfully helped hundreds of people receive the compensation they deserve following an accident.

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