Fixed Fee Divorce Costs

Most solicitors charge for each letter and telephone call and also charge for each meeting and for all of the time spent on the file at a rate of up to £250.00 + VAT (20%) per hour.

In such circumstances, we fully understand that if you are going through divorce proceedings you can be left feeling out of control and as if you have signed a blank cheque to your divorce lawyer.

BRR Law is different.

That is why we have created the BRR Clear Price Guarantee - transparent fees, costs estimates in advance and no nasty surprised. So if there's a charge on your bill for our work that we haven't told you about, you won't have to pay it.

We have therefore created and are now able to offer a Fixed Free Divorce Package. For one fixed fee we will take all necessary steps from the initial meeting through to obtaining the Final Order of divorce.

If you are the Petitioner (the person applying for the divorce)

Our costs - £500.00

VAT (20%) - £100.00

Court fee - £593.00

Total costs - £1150.00


a) You will be required to pay in advance of issuing the application for divorce the court fee of $593.00.

b) £200.00 upon instruction

c) £200.00 upon confirmation of the date for the Decree Nisi

d) £200.00 prior to application of Decree Absolute

If you are the Respondent (the person receiving the divorce papers)

Our costs - £240.00

VAT (20%) - £48.00

Total costs - £288.00


a) £200.00 upon instruction

b) £88.00 upon receipt of Decree Nisi

What does this fee include?

  1. Advice about the proceedings from our specialist divorce solicitors
  2. Preparing the Court documents i.e. the application for a Divorce, Certificate of Reconciliation, a Statement in Support of the Petition, application for Decree Nisi and finally the application for Decree Absolute
  3. Correspondence with your ex-partner or his/her solicitors

What the fixed fee does not include?

  1. Additional work of the Petition becomes defended or needs to be amended once it's been issued by the Court.
  2. The cost of obtaining a Marriage Certificate/Civil Partnership Certificate if you do not have the original or the cost of translation of that Marriage Certificate/Civil Partnership Certificate is not in English.
  3. Arranging for the divorce papers to be personally served.
  4. Unforeseen complexities arising from the case which require additional work and/or advice.
  5. Any advice regarding children matters or financial matters.

Will you have to go to Court?

In most cases it will be unnecessary for you to attend Court and we will deal with all correspondence with the Court and relieve you of the legalities of the divorce itself to help minimise a potentially stressful and emotional time.

BRR Law's commitment to expert legal advice and the very highest levels of customer service means our Fixed Fee Divorce Package offers superb value for money.

To contact one of our specialised divorce lawyers, please telephone 01724 854000 or e-mail

“Thank you so much for everything you have done. You have been remarkable at getting him to agree to my demands. It has been quite a long process which to be honest I didn't expect. Your time and patience in dealing with my case is very much appreciated. It is no wonder you are so highly thought of and respected because of your professionalism and knowledge in family law”


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