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Being discriminated at work unfairly is extremely stressful and can make it hard to concentrate and therefore affect productivity. It may well be that someone is prejudiced against you and they are making it difficult to do your job. If that’s the case you should seek expert legal advice on discrimination in the workplace in order to achieve fair treatment, or perhaps consider making a claim against your employer.

BRR Law, based in Scunthorpe’s Laneham Street, has a dedicated Employment Law Team that is highly experienced in dealing with all aspects of workplace discrimination.

What types of discrimination might you encounter at work?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, even in today’s workplace, you may be treated differently because of your gender, race, religion, age or sexual orientation. Similarly you may be discriminated against because you are pregnant, or have a disability.

Whatever the reason, discrimination is upsetting and totally unacceptable – but it is also illegal. Dealing with it alone, particularly if you’re unsure of how best to handle, it can be extremely difficult. It can also be counter-productive because you may say or do something that could affect your case should you choose to pursue it at a later date.

What to do about discrimination in the workplace?

Any individual – or business – can be challenged as to why they allowed discriminatory behaviour to occur and, ultimately, they can be asked to explain this to a court called an Employment Tribunal.

If you are experiencing any type of discrimination, there are legal procedures that you can follow. First of all you should make a log of every occurrence as it happens, so that you can evidence your situation when required.

How we can help you resolve a discriminatory issue

Our expert discrimination lawyers can explore the options you could take to resolve a disagreement, whether this involves an Employment Tribunal or not.

BRR Law can explain in plain English, and without legal jargon, how the law protects you, the likely costs, realistic timescales and achievable outcomes.

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