Contracts of Employment

Whenever you start a new job, it’s crucial to know exactly what your role and responsibilities are as an employee and the overall expectations that your employer has of you. Similarly, you are entitled to know what to expect of your employer. Establishing a clear contract of employment is crucial to creating a good working relationship from the get go and minimising difficulties further down the line.

Specialist contracts of employment lawyers

BRR Law has a well established and dedicated Employment Law Department, based in Scunthorpe’s Laneham Street. Our specialist Employment Lawyers are experienced in dealing with all types of contracts of employment and can help you resolve your concerns, whatever they might be.

Whether written, or verbal, a contract of employment should clearly outline your employee rights and responsibilities, but it should also specify the conditions of your employment, such as working hours, dress code, holiday entitlement and of course pay.

Employment contract concerns

Contracts can be detailed documents, but they can just as easily be vague, or contain something you’re unsure about or unhappy with. Perhaps you’ve been asked to sign a contract that you don’t understand, or your employer has suddenly presented you with a revision to an existing contract and you’re worried about how that will impact on you.

Whatever the situation, bear in mind that that even if you don’t sign a contract, but have accepted the job offer, it’s assumed that you have accepted it’s terms and conditions. So make sure that you fully understand what is expected of you before you agree to both.

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