I work as a part time Consultant to BRR Law and I have been with the firm since January 2003. I had previously worked for HSBC Bank for over 25 years having progressed through the ranks to end my career as a Business Banking Manager. During my time with HSBC I acquired a wide range of administrative and financial skills that I have been able to transfer into my current role.

My responsibilities are wide-ranging and diverse as I support the current Practice Management team as together we relieve the firm’s Partners of the administrative tasks associated with the business. This enables them to concentrate on the provision of legal advice and guidance to our clients, without the administrative distractions. Together, we cover such areas as Human Resources, Financial Management, Quality Standards, Compliance and the management of our Legal Aid Contract. There is considerable variety within the role and no two days are the same.

I consider that the practice delivers a very high level of Client Care and the regular positive client feedback is a measure of the effort put in by staff at all levels. It is my number one priority to ensure that this remains the case and that we continue to improve in accordance with the BRR Law ethos.

Outside of the office I like to spend time with my children, play the occasional round of golf, support the local football team and enjoy watching live Premiership football matches as and when I can obtain tickets!