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Joint Venture Solicitors in Scunthorpe

Working with another company can be one way to grow or diversify your own business. A joint venture is like any commercial relationship. Having the appropriate legal agreements in place ensures both sides are clear on their role and responsibilities.

BRR Law’s specialist Commercial Law Department is experienced in advising business client on how to develop a join venture.  They can seem straightforward, but both parties need to be clear on what the venture relates to.

How long will it exist, what to do with any assets or equity and who controls what. Shares, revenue time and investment will require some thought too. Since joint ventures can be arranged in different ways, both parties need to agree on which best suits their project.

Before entering in to any form of agreement, talk to one of our BRR Law’s experts. Our lawyers are amongst the best in the UK. Using our expertise, we work in partnership with you. We ensure your interests are documented and protected in the proper way.

At BRR Law, we work closely with you to allow you to make the best of your business partnership. Contact us today on 01724 854000 so we can help you to make the most of your new venture.


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