Expert legal advice on your terms

Perhaps you’re looking for expert legal advice, but you’re not yet ready to instruct a lawyer to take on the case.

This is your chance to access a lawyer’s specialist knowledge and experience, on a one-off basis, without the usual hourly rate.

Our unique ‘Ask the Expert’ service is designed to give you peace of mind at an affordable price, helping you take the correct next steps to address whatever legal issue you have.

What's Included for £120?

Up to 45 minutes with a specialist lawyer to answer your questions or concerns.

One-to-One Legal advice, either through a meeting (where you can bring a friend) or a telephone call.

Practical guidance about how the law will impact on your situation.
Knowledge of your rights and options to help you decide what to do next.
Perhaps a chance to find out what’s happened with cases similar to yours.

Straightforward advice in plain English, with no legal Jargon.

A choice of how to use the time – advice, questions, help drafting a letter or completing legal forms – it’s up to you.

A guaranteed price – just £120 including VAT (20%), with no hidden extras.

No obligation to take matters further.

How It Works

The Steps Involved


Free Initial Assessment

Call us on 01724 854000 with your legal enquiry, so we can provide you with a Free Initial Assessment of your options, which would typically last 10 minutes. Alternatively you can visit to book your session.


Book Your Session

We will arrange a convenient time with you, during your Free Initial Assessment call, or once we have received your online enquiry form. With disputes, we will need to check with you the details of the other party; this is also to avoid a conflict of interest.


Pay £120

You can pay over the phone or directly at the office before your session begins. We accept cash, cheque, debit and credit cards.



45 minutes with lawyer

The time is dedicated to you and your legal situation. It's up to you how you use it - questions and advice, help with writing a letter, or completing legal forms.